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One of the most intriguing things, in my work, is the materials: looking for them , observing, collecting. Digging, through roots and tods’s dens, worms, rocks and fossils is something magic to me and i like this since i was a child.               I also love Iron-Junker. Wandering among compressed cubes of washing machines, cars, pots, road signs and misterious rusty stuffs  is another passion of mine. The pieces i pick up there  become sometimes beloved tools in my lab, some other times the starting point of a new path, some other an obsession, like emerging from dreams. And i like the powder of sawn stones, i collect this “garbage” at the basalt or tufa-stone quarry, they are happy when i carry such a stuff  away. Grinding, sifting, mixing,  trying, temperatures, trying again:  I love all this, and  the  tools,  the shovel, the wheel, the fire, firing, the spirit, the rythm, the repeated gesture and the surprise  and  adventure.  There is a great  strenght in the materials, and their possibility of changing is fascinating: the forms they suggest, their mistery, their getting strong and fragile through the fire,   shiny or even destroyed.      It was a firing accident that made me fall in love with extreme limits. And my short stay in Japan, with  Anagama firings,  made me more and more  fond of  wood firing, long wood firing   Work is made of clay and all these things .