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Guidelines for the Kaki tree Project


2014, sept 9 th


After an intense  week of writing, scratching, etc. I ended up delivering the guidelines of the "Kaki tree Project ficullese".
The Kaki tree Project is an Art International project that has come to life from Tatsuo Miyajma about  twenty years ago, after his visit to Nagasaki ruins.

I hope it is possible to share in this Project, it is great,  and could be revitalizing for our village and for its clay that could get new life and vigor.
I am grateful to my dear friends, Arch.Cecilia Cecchini, and Sarah Thomas, Artist from NZ, who in these days have embraced this adventure with me, sharing their energy and love.
Here's what I handed over to the Ficulle City Council yo be delivered to the Kaki tree Office in Japan;