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Beyond the brick

Working for a while in a Hand made Bricks Factory: Fornace Fedeli.
After a couple of Summer Schools by Nino Caruso, i started a research about Architectural ceramics;
here in this ancient Brick Factory, the starting point is obviously the hand made and wood fired brick, as they use from centuries in Castel Viscardo.


These tiles are first thought as decorative ones, but i’m now testing low density materials, for both sound and thermic insulation.
I’m useing local clay and other natural materials, like volcanic stones, straw, and sawdust.
The production techniques are an evolution of the ones usually practiced in the factory.
The pieces are fired at about 1000C°, we only use a wood kiln, which gives unique colors and texture.
I’m designing and producing -with their help- prototypes for specific surfaces and needs.